King 2

by Christopher Engel

9″ x 12″ – Mixed Media on Paper


Artist’s Statement:
“The spirit that travels within us is stronger than anything the outside world can put us through. As our ancestors have gone through plagues and wars and pestilence, they always rise and move through. These faces are a testament and they carry the remnants of the ones who have gone before and possibly the ones who will come after us, but all are imbued with the power of survival, moving forward, and being open to the layers of meaning that can be found all around us. These faces are a celebration of all the faces of humanity.

We are all “kings” and “queens” and “royals,” connected to a higher power, and when we acknowledge we are all a part of something greater than us, this makes us better for that knowledge.

The series of “Kings” are a celebration of the shamans that are within all of us. As Carl G. Jung believed, the “anima” and the “animus” are found within and linked to the collective unconscious of humanity.

And in this time when so many of our faces are covered, let us rejoice in the simple beauty of an open face.”


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