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Robert M. Lohman is an artist, designer, real estate broker, and longtime resident of Southampton Village. A graduate of Rhode Island School Of Design, his Turner-inspired paintings have been exhibited at the Kramoris, MM Fine Art, and Peter Marcelle galleries. Lohman’s interior design has been featured in the New York Times home section and on the cover of The International Book Of Lofts. His steel sculpture “Eddie” is on permanent display in Southampton’s Lola Prentice Memorial Park. Visit RMLhamptons.com for more.


When I first saw this image of Timberlake, I said “This is iconic.” I felt a calling to develop it. Andy Warhol’s genius was in knowing which images would capture and evoke a moment in time, and Justin’s mug shot seemed to me to do exactly that. I thought it was deserving of the Warhol treatment, and I believe Andy would approve.

As the idea for the project grew, I reached out to my longtime friend, photographer Mary Godfrey. Mary is a talented photographer based in Southampton Village with a great shop and studio. She’s been helping me with my photography work and design projects for more than twenty years now. Mary’s an excellent technician with a much sharper eye for detail than mine, so It felt right to ask her to help develop this project with me and thank god she said yes,

We did a lot of test prints with many adjustments before making a full proof set of the four color ways and taking them up to the Kramoris Gallery in Sag Harbor. Romany and Brandon said they wanted to handle them, but asked that we just leave two color ways as they didn’t want people confused by too many options. I was driving home when Romany called to say one had already sold. Now we’re working hard to fill orders as they come in!

I trained as an Interior Architect at Rhode Island School of Design and first worked for the architectural firm ISD. The firm was noted for helping to develop many important corporate art collections. Working in several mediums, including photography, interior design, and especially painting has kept my color eye focused ever since, and as a freelance consultant, I have been able to assist both private and corporate entities build some terrific art collections.

All of that background came together in this project with Mary. People have had a lot of varied reactions to it so far. There’s a long history of using mug shots in creative ways to comment on culture and politics. Right from the start this one just seems to have local appeal!


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