George Wazenegger

George Wazenegger presents his nostalgic architecture reminiscent of earlier times spent on the seashores by families living a simpler way of life in captivating assemblages. Skies and dunes are painted by hand, as well as detailed, charming little rock gardens and clumps of flowers. No big landscapers here. He depicts images that are slowly disappearing, architecture constructed of clapboard, wood stairs with railings, small decks, 2 over 2 windows, and picket fences. The viewer is happy and content with sunshine and clams for dinner. This simple architecture is all one feels one needs and longs for in viewing his work.

“In 1970 I stumbled across a mixed medium technique that I call Wood Collage. I felt this technique could be developed and I wanted to learn more. After realizing that there was no source of information I decided to move forward on my own. I create one of a kind originals of fictitious architectural structures. They are recycled wood construction with acrylic paint and other selected materials. They could be anything that you can imagine such as a small country town, a road side diner or a shore cottage. I create these because of nostalgia, love for the architecture, their charm and character. I have been inspired by many structures throughout the land and I have stored these images within. Since 1970 my Wood Collage have grown to include just about every architectural structure imaginable. I feel that I am on a creative journey which will include many wondrous places along the way.

I have shown nationally and internationally. I have been on television. I have been in museums, festivals, fairs, shows, exhibitions and galleries across the country. I have won numerous awards. My work is in many corporate and private collections. I am proud to say that I have made many people very happy.”


Featured Work

Keepers Wife’s Cottage

Passing Schooner


Shaker Cabin and Moving the Canoe

Shaker Outhouse

White Lighthouse


41 Main Street
PO Box 2664
Sag Harbor, NY  11963
(631) 725-2499

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