May 2-23, 2024
Opening Reception: Saturday, May 11 5:00-6:30PM

We are pleased to present Looking Back Looking Forward, The Work of Christopher Engel from May 2 – May 23, 2024, with an Opening Reception on Saturday, May 11 from 5:00 to 6:30pm.

In the exhibit Looking Back Looking Forward, viewers have the opportunity to see the progression and breadth of Engel’s work, a collection spanning 20 years, since relocating from New York City to Sag Harbor.

Engel’s unique artistic style blends figurative and abstract imagery, employing expressive brushstrokes and a masterful interplay of colors. Critics have drawn comparisons between Engel and esteemed artists such as George McNeil, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Robert Motherwell. However, it is his distinct expressionistic and symbolic approach that sets Engel’s work apart, as he deftly depicts the archetypal imagery of the collective unconscious, calling on his connection to Carl G. Jung, whose writing and imagery has inspired Engel since childhood and throughout his life as both an artist and an educator.

As viewer’s engage with Engel’s transformative art, they embark on a shared journey of metamorphosis. Through his skillful craftsmanship, Engel invites us to witness the extraordinary potential for change within ourselves and the world around us. In this sense, we are joining the artist on his journey to the past and an exploration of the future. As Engel explains,

“We are travelers
even if we stand still, we are in constant motion.
Whether we open our eyes or deep in sleep,
we are witnesses and participants in the flow
of images, ideas, and movements that make up our universe.
From the marks on cave walls to the vibrating strips of string theory, all is connected.
We are tightrope walkers moving through time, balancing what we know and what we don’t.
Finding faces of our ancestors and those yet to come in the colorful patterns of fields, on the ground, and in the sky – the simple wash of rain on black roads or the call of morning birds.
All the while, angels and spirits are there to point the way to understanding what it all means.
The quest for meaning can be answered in this simple way –
we are all made from the same things, we are all one.”

Featured article in 27East 

Feature in UK Magazine Inside Artists 


Artist’s Statement:


“Carl G. Jung confirmed, ‘the ancient cultures had more realization about our place in the universe, than our current society can even conceive of’ (from Psychology and Alchemy). My work attempts to capture images of the archetypal origins of myth and to draw the viewer into a connection and communication with ancient spirits, the metaphysical, the sacred, the holy, and the transcendent. These images portray the archetypal heroes and heroines that exist in the past, present and future all at the same moment. These images have appeared throughout history – in the first marks of our ancestors, on cave walls, on trees, in the sand – messages that though we are only passing through this life momentarily, we each are a part of something that never ends. I venture to record these images as a map for exploration – to show patterns, to chart the sub-conscious, to leave a record of this journey.”

– Christopher Engel


Featured Work


80″ x 51.5″
Mixed Media on Paper

Lumen - Mixed Media on Paper (acrylic, gouache, graphite) 60 x 44


60″ x 44″
Mixed Media on Paper

Prayers - 60 x 40 - Mixed Media on Canvas - 2023


60″ x 40″
Mixed Media on Canvas

MO MA - 45 X 60 - Mixed Media on Paper


45″ x 60″
Mixed Media on Paper

Reflections - 30 x 52 - Mixed Media on Paper


30″ x 52″
Mixed Media on Paper

Mardi Gras -48 x 72 - Mixed Media Diptych (48 x 36 each canvas)

Mardi Gras

Mixed Media Diptych
(48″ x 36″ each canvas)


Air - 30 x 40 - Mixed Media on Canvas


30″ x 40″
Mixed Media on Canvas

Fire - 30 x 40 - Mixed Media on Canvas


30″ x 40″
Mixed Media on Canvas

Water - 30 x 40 - Mixed Media on Canvas


30″ x 40″
Mixed Media on Canvas


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