Muriel Hanson Falborn, M.A.

When we have enemies, I look at their art and culture.

Last year for the Flower Paintings Show, I was inspired by calligraphy on mosques. It came through on my paintings’ borders and around the bouquets. I used a liturgical prayer of thanksgiving.

This year, when the news has been about Korean hostilities, I learned they were the first to invent the printing press; an early king created an alphabet so that all countryfolk could become literate; prescribed colors are primaries and black; fabrics are woven specifically to wrap gifts; their pottery is painted with storks and peonies, cranes and chrysanthemums, and the Ten Symbols of Longevity.

In this 2018 series, Vases, I attempted the “celadon” glaze color in Acidanthera. It pairs well with Tulips.

For the larger paintings I used a vase-shaped template to outline florals from our community garden. Hanging together, the series of three would make a stunning display.

Garden Under the Sea was inspired by collecters who love nautical motifs.

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