Marissa Bridge

Marissa Bridge is an artist whose work is inspired by the close observation of nature. Drawing on both Western and Eastern stylistic traditions, most of her artworks portray flowers and flower shapes, and are studies in spirit, form and pattern. She typically works in series, as a method of investigation and as a meditative process. In addition to painting in oils and watercolor, she produces etchings and lithographic prints. Marissa splits her time between her studios in West Chelsea and East Quogue, New York.

Bridge has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Parsons School of Design. She has exhibited her work across the US, and in Turks and Caicos. Her most recent solo exhibition was in January, 2016. Titled, “A Bridge in Conversation”, it was curated by Kathy Zieger at Kathryn Markel Gallery in Bridgehampton, NY.

This new series of work, entitled “Closeness”, investigates the interplay among forms when flower-beings are placed in close proximity to each other. The canvases are organized in an organic grid-like composition. The flowers are painted with bright vibrant colors, signaling the warmth generated in close encounters.