Jorge Silveira

Silveira likes old objects, especially old wooden objects which he’s inspired to mix with acrylic paint and pieces of found rusty metal into monsters and faces. He’s also been using other found materials like burlap. “I really like expressing my creativity by finding discarded objects from the forest and the ocean, and turning them into raw and abstract characters or scenes,” says Silveira. Coming from Uruguay, a small country in South America, where everything gets repaired and reused such as old cars from the 1940’s and refrigerators that get fixed 20 times before they’re replaced, it surprises him how much material he can pick up on the beach and in nature that has been thrown away by people. It makes him feel good that he can pick up these objects and give them another life.

“During the endless winter we just came through, I keenly felt the need for color to escape the darkness all around me,” says Silveira of his new work. “Everyone was hunkering down staying indoors, and my desire to make art was the way I could escape back towards the nature I was missing, delving deeply into an examination of color and reimagining nature got me through the long cold days back to the sunlight.”

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