The Artwork of
Suzzanne Fokine, Lianne Alcon,
Ghilia Lipman-Wulf, Muriel Hanson Falborn

July 5 – July 26, 2018
Reception: Sunday, July 8, 5-6:30 PM

We are pleased to present a group art show featuring the works of Suzzanne Fokine, Ghilia Lipman-Wulf, Lianne Alcon, and Muriel Hanson Falborn.

A reception for the show will be held on Sunday, July 8, from 5-6:30 PM. All are welcome.

Upcoming Exhibitions

The Artwork of
Christopher Engel

July 26 – August 16, 2018

Christopher Engel’s faces, figures and abstracts invite the viewer to enter their subconscious and allow his images to reveal themselves to their conscious mind. Continuing to embrace his Jungian philosophy, Engel incorporates archetypal images of the collective unconscious via the use of mythical, mystical and dreamlike images in his figures and faces. His abstract paintings trace ancient patterns, allowing the viewer to journey through a door to our primordial beginnings, where alchemy plays a role in the metamorphosis of random but recognizable shapes into powerful symbols.

Recent Exhibitions

The Artwork of
Isabel Pavão, Herbert August,
& Bob Rothstein

June 14 – July 5, 2018

We are pleased to present a group art show featuring the works of Isabel Pavão, Herbert August, and Bob Rothstein.

A reception for the show will be held on Saturday, June 16, from 5-6:30 PM. All are welcome.

May 24 – June 14, 2018

Ready, Set, Go!

Reception: Saturday, May 26, 5-6:30 PM


Presenting… Ready, Set, Go! Our kickoff to the summer season featuring the artwork of Christopher Engel, Adriana Barone, Joyce Brian, and George Wazenegger.

A reception for the show will be held on Saturday, May 26, from 5-6:30 PM. All are welcome.

April 26 – May 24, 2018

7th Annual Spring Flower Show


We are pleased to announce our 7th Annual Spring Flower Show, a group art show featuring a variety of styles from realism to impressionism from our local artists.

Artists showing include Ghilia Lipman-Wulf, Eleanor Kupencow, Thomas Condon, Pingree Louchheim, Joyce Brian, Veronica Mezzina, Bob Rothstein, Adriana Barone, Sue & Al Daniels, and Muriel Hanson Falborn.

A reception for the show will be held on Saturday, April 28, from 5 to 6:30 PM. All are welcome.

November 24 – January 14, 2018

Small Artworks
Holiday Invitational


We’re pleased to present a group art show featuring a snowstorm of 30+ local artists with small and affordable art and fine crafts.

Participating artists include Nancy Achenbach, Lianne Alcon, Jillian Aldrich, Berges Alvarez, Olivia August, Adriana Barone, Lois Bender, Joyce Brian, Brian Cheewing, Lauren Chenault, Lucille Colin, Ted Davies, Christopher Engel, Patricia Feiwel, Rick Gold, Liz Gribin, Barbara Groot, Barbara Hadden, Muriel Hanson Falborn, Elisca Jeansonne, Adrienne Kitaeff, Romany Kramoris, Lutha Leahy-Miller, Ghilia Lipman-Wulf, Peter Lipman-Wulf, Pingree Louchheim, Lynn Matsuoka, Dinah Maxwell Smith, Veronica Mezzina, Mary Milne, Kelly Nelson, Alan Nevins, Maria Orlova, Isabel Pavao, Christina Schlesinger, Jorge Silveira, Su Zen, and Deby Zum.

September 28 – October 19, 2017

The Artwork of
Lianne Alcon, Joyce Brian, Muriel Hanson Falborn, Sonia Grineva


September 28 Group Show

We’re pleased to present a group art show featuring the artwork of Lianne Alcon, Joyce Brian, Muriel Hanson Falborn, and Sonia Grineva.

Lianne Alcon is an expressionistic painter who paints images viewed by an experienced, discerning eye for the essential. Yet her painting style is loose—in contrast to her disciplined approach—and it frequently incorporates swirling strokes and liberal use of her brushes. Alcon uses that contrasting perception and expression—whether painting flamenco dancers or sceneries from Spain and New York City, both favorite subjects—to uniquely capture their spirit.

Joyce Brian is an accomplished artist and teacher and has been an artist since the age of two. Joyce has had many solo and group exhibitions for the past 40 years and has been awarded prizes at the Nassau County Museum and in numerous art fairs. She was a member of the Northport Gallery which was a cooperative venture for ten years. She has been an art teacher for 30 years. Joyce spends summers in Italy where she has artwork on permanent display in the town of Brescia. Her inspirations come from the landscapes and light of Italy as well as from the eastern end of Long Island.

Muriel Hanson Falborn, artist and landscape designer, has seen hundreds of gardens, parks, and homes whose scenes have inspired her by their vitality that will resonate with viewers. The natural world meets architecture and design, counteracting each other, taming wildness, providing structure and organization, rest and joy.

We are pleased to present floral works by Sonia Grineva, an internationally distinguished plein air painter who has traveled extensively and drawn inspiration for her art from many of the world’s iconic sites; Venice, Monte Carlo, Prague. Her work is exquisite – painted in a light, airy manner – in olis with a watercolor sensibility.

September 7 – September 28, 2017

The Artwork of
Peter Lipman-Wulf, Franklin Engel, Bob Rothstein, Isabel Pavão


September 7 Group Show

We’re pleased to present a group art show featuring the artwork of Peter Lipman-Wulf, Franklin Engel, Bob Rothstein, and Isabel Pavão.

Peter Lipman-Wulf (1905-1993) was primarily known as a sculptor and graphic artist, therefore his paintings were rarely the focus of exhibits. However, as a German of Jewish descent, but also labeled a “decadent” by the Nazi régime, Mr. Lipman-Wulf was forced to flee—first to France in 1933, then to Switzerland in 1942, until his final immigration to the United States in 1947. Particularly in Switzerland, where as a refugee he was formally prohibited from working as a sculptor, he diverted his creative impulse to works on paper. Along with exquisite sketches and drawings, Mr. Lipman-Wulf completed numerous impressive landscapes and portraits in the South of France and Switzerland. His compositions of nature—although overshadowed by the artist’s fear that all could be instantly destroyed—nonetheless have a hopeful, luminescent quality, as the settings and subjects appear untouched by the devastation of war. We’re pleased to exclusively present his watercolors here.

Franklin Engel was born and raised in New York City, and began his professional training at the Art Students League. He is proud to be a life member of the League. We’re pleased to present his oil paintings of familiar East End scenes. “From the very first moment I crossed the bridge over the Shinnecock Canal and entered the Eastern End of Long Island and on to Montauk, I knew I had made a very special connection. I experienced a new creative energy that I had to capture. I had to capture the people and the beauty of these special places, including Sag Harbor, Springs, Amagansett, East Hampton, and Montauk. But it all began when I crossed that bridge at Shinnecock Canal.”

Bob Rothstein’s collages of Montauk’s commercial fishing boats are strong, rugged and vibrant. The powerful images have been achieved by ripping, cutting and glueing found papers, on site, in all kinds of weather. Their beauty lies in the unique combination of color, shape and texture. “When it is windy, getting dark, or the boat is pulling away, I have to work quickly to capture the essence of the scene itself.”

Isabel Pavão’s “Impressions Series” represents a phase of her work that she has been working on since 2014 and integrates as usual, intimations of past work, enduring patterns of inner experience and conceptual processes as a continuous work in progress being a reflection on the “act of painting”. The main source of inspiration comes from Nature, referring to her autobiographical surroundings, the garden, the sea shore and swimming in the sea.

August 17 – September 7, 2017

The Artwork of
Liz Gribin, Lois Bender, Herbert August, and Lynn Matusoka

Aug 17 Group Show

Liz Gribin, former Sag Harbor resident with family currently residing in Sag Harbor, is an internationally acclaimed painter. A living legend with her own distinct style which moves from shallow to deep across the space in the picture plane. Her figures are emotionally loaded through postures and placement. Backgrounds merge with the figures for a cubist feel. Colors are remarkably handled. She has created a distinct niche in contemporary art.

Lynn Matsuoka, of Sag Harbor is blessed with a rare visual craft in poetic imagery of birds in flight and horses gliding over the earth that stir emotion through powerful and lyrical lines. She creates instant emotional connections through imageries of American equestrian endeavors, capturing delicate nuances of the world she surveys.

Herbert August of Sagaponack often starts a work with reference to nature, which becomes abstract. “The world is his oyster” for subject matter. Starting small and enlarging, he explores color, shape, and texture with greater freedom. These elements and intuition become emotional expression. Herb has studied with Robert Gwathmey and Louis Kahn.

Lois Bender strolls us through Paris Gardens in the Hamptons in her watercolors “Les Jardins de Paris”. Her paintings capture rich landscapes and charming views of iconic gardens and parks throughout Paris during her art residency in France. She puts us under “the spell” of a Spring in Paris, “the world’s garden mecca”, from well-known gardens and loved neighborhoods – Monet’s Garden Giverny. Her paintings express idyllic moments, “Joie de Vivre” through Paris’ horticultural/floral embellishments, their beauty, mystique, and architecture, be it the Louvre, a Paris street, or potted geraniums everywhere on terraces, windows, and urns. Her paintings express the timelessness of Paris, its historical architectural styles, and its range of moods.

July 27 – August 17, 2017

The Artwork of
Barbara Groot & Thomas Condon

We’re pleased to present the artwork of local artists Barbara Groot and Thomas Condon.

There is an elegance in Barbara Groot’s sweeping line work, reminiscent of musical phrasing. Her brushstrokes appear as if from modern music scoring which channels emotional lightness and spatial freeness, uplifting the viewer. Her boundaries are loose or nonexistent, contributing to a breathless freedom.

The focus of Thomas Condon’s work reflects the New England town throughout the seasons. There is a sense of alienation, a moodiness. His streets are devoid of human activity. Condon is especially interested in the play of shadow and light in his work.

A reception for the show will be held on Saturday, July 29, from 5-6:30 PM.

July 6 – July 27, 2017

A Selection of Recent Work by
Christopher Engel

Strings is a selection of recent work by Christopher Engel.
The recurrent theme of all humans connected to those who have gone before echoes throughout the series, as in all of Engel’s work. Engel explains, “There are points in life when all lines come together. There is an alignment of thoughts and ideas. All voices resonate in unison, and that which travels within has the moment to be seen, heard or felt. We are surrounded by the remnants of all who came before; the energy leaving ‘strings’ that entangle into our lives.”

The title figurative work contains two figures holding the strings of puppets. The main figure is the Sutradhara, known as the “holder of strings.” Traditionally, this is the central character in Sanskrit theater and also the head of the troupe. The symbolic and metaphysical interpretations resound. The seminal abstract work, “Strings,” has ties to Engel’s abstract series “Alchemy” and “Through the Lines.” The work references calligraphy, graffiti, marks on walls, tar patches, ripples in water and, seemingly, all are bound together through the motion and energy of the entire composition.

A reception for the show will be held on Saturday, July 8, from 5-6:30 PM.

June 15 – July 6, 2017

Group Show

Romany Kramoris Gallery is pleased to present a group art show featuring the works of Lianne Alcon, Jorge Silveira, Eleanora Kupencow, Stephen Palmer, William Skrips, and George Wazenegger.

A reception for the show will be held on Saturday, June 17, from 5-6:30 PM.

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