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Small Artworks Holiday Invitational

November 25 – January 15, 2017
Reception: Saturday, November 26, 3-6 PM

Small Artworks Holiday Invitational

Romany Kramoris Gallery is pleased to present a snowstorm of local artists in our colorful Holiday Invitational, showing from November 25 through January 15, 2017, along with the usual holiday fare. A reception for the artists will be held on Saturday, November 26, from 3-6 PM.

Small and affordable art and fine craft gifts.

Artists featured include Lianne Alcon, Jude Amsel, Lois Bender, Joyce Brian, Marissa Bridge, Casey Chalem Anderson, Lauren Chenault, Christopher Engel, Franklin Engel, Patricia Feiwel, Rick Gold, Liz Gribin, Barbara Groot, Barbara Hadden, Linda Hansen-Redamonti, Muriel Hanson Falborn, Ruby Jackson, Nanci Jaye, Elisca Jeansonne, Adrienne Kitaeff, Daniel Kramoris, Eleanor Kupencow, Lutha Leahy-Miller, Jennifer Levine, Donna Levinstone, Ghilia Lipman-Wulf, Peter Lipman-Wulf, Elise Margolis, Pingree Louchheim, Lynn Matsuoka, Martha McAleer, Maria Orlova, Barbara Pintauro-Lobosco, Bob Rothstein, Gia Schifano, Christina Schlesinger, Jorge Silveira, Joan Tripp, Gayle Tudisco, and Richard Udice.

Peter Lipman-Wulf (1905-1993)
Watercolors from France & Switzerland

October 1 – November 21, 2016

Côte d'Azur, 1950

Romany Kramoris Gallery is pleased to announce an exclusive showing of watercolors painted by the artist Peter Lipman-Wulf while in exile. In their efforts to preserve and catalogue the Peter Lipman-Wulf Archive, the artist’s widow, Barbara Lipman-Wulf, and his daughter, Ghilia Lipman-Wulf, have chosen a sampling of rarely seen compositions.

Because Mr. Lipman-Wulf (1905-1993) was primarily known as a sculptor and graphic artist, his paintings were rarely the focus of exhibits. However, as a German of Jewish descent, but also labeled a “decadent” by the Nazi régime, Mr. Lipman-Wulf was forced to flee—first to France in 1933, then to Switzerland in 1942, until his final immigration to the United States in 1947. Particularly in Switzerland, where as a refugee he was formally prohibited from working as a sculptor, he diverted his creative impulse to works on paper. Along with exquisite sketches and drawings, Mr. Lipman-Wulf completed numerous impressive landscapes and portraits in the South of France and Switzerland. His compositions of nature—although overshadowed by the artist’s fear that all could be instantly destroyed—nonetheless have a hopeful, luminescent quality, as the settings and subjects appear untouched by the devastation of war.

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Featured in: The Sag Harbor Express
The Sag Harbor Express
The East Hampton Star
East Hampton Star

Barbara Groot

September 1 – September 22, 2016
Reception: Saturday, September 3, 4-5:30 PM

Barbara Groot

Groot grew up in Southern California with the sun and light illuminating the landscape. Now living and working in East Hampton, she finds the light on the East End equally special and energizing.

“This energy has charged and influenced the work plus my ongoing desire to reinvent the immediacy of the ever changing moments in nature,” says Groot. “The paintings contain active and bold brushwork to pursue the energy felt in our natural world. A strong, personal and inventive layered use of color gives these paintings a fresh, lush and sometimes surprising view into the world around us. The use of linear elements further vitalize the brushwork.”

There is an elegance in her long sweeping line work, reminiscent of musical phrasing. Her brushstrokes appear as if from modern music scoring which channels emotional lightness and spatial freeness, uplifting the viewer. Her boundaries are loose or nonexistent, contributing to a breathless freedom.
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From the Collective Unconscious

Recent work from Christopher Engel
August 18 – September 1, 2016

Through the Lines

“We are travelers even if we stand still.
We are in constant motion.
Whether we open our eyes or deep in sleep, we are witnesses and participants in the flow of images, ideas, and movements that make up our universe.
From the marks on cave walls to the vibrating strips of string theory, all is connected.
We are tightrope walkers moving through time, balancing what we know and what we don’t.
Finding faces of our ancestors and those yet to come in the colorful patterns of fields, on the ground, and in the sky – the simple wash of rain on black roads or the call of morning birds.
All the while, angels and spirits are there to point the way to understanding what it all means.
The quest for meaning can be answered in this simple way – we are all made from the same things and we are all one.”
–Christopher Engel, Artist’s Statement
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