Bob Rothstein

Bob Rothstein’s collages of Montauk’s commercial fishing boats are strong, rugged and vibrant. The powerful images have been achieved by ripping, cutting and glueing found papers, on site, in all kinds of weather. Their beauty lies in the unique combination of color, shape and texture. “When it is windy, getting dark, or the boat is pulling away, I have to work quickly to capture the essence of the scene itself.”  “For many years my artwork has been done using paper collage and what gives it the vibrancy and quirkyness is the fact that alot of the work is with ripped paper and done on site. More recently, there is a greater demand for my work to be larger and so I have incorporated assemblage and painting in my pieces. It turns out that this expanded media has added richness to the pieces.”

Rothstein’s recent mixed media pieces are a deviation from his previous work in that they now edge closer to abstraction, incorporating elements that on the surface have nothing in common with one another. When they are incorporated, either with color or shape of some kind of meaning, they work visually. That is my latest quest. It is sort of zany. Don’t look for deep meaning, they are merely playing experiments.

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